My current work on legal education is collated here. Links to open access are provided, where available.


Amicae Curiae

Social Media in Legal Education

Legal Education Network

Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Blog (selected posts)

Scholarly publications

Melissa Castan and Kate Galloway Extending Public Law : Digital Engagement, Education and Academic Identity (2015) vol 2 Legal Education Review 331.   (LER25 – Castan and Galloway)

Melissa Castan The Recognition of Indigenous Australians in the Teaching of Federal Constitutional Law (2014) Journal of the Australasian Law Teachers Association 87.

Kate Galloway, Kristoffer Greaves and Melissa Castan Gatecrashing the Research Paradigm: Effective Integration of Online Technologies in Maximising Research Impact and Engagement in Legal Education (2013) 6(1/2) Journal of the Australasian Law Teachers Association 83.

Kate Galloway, Kristoffer Greaves and Melissa Castan Interconnectedness, Multiplexity and the Global Student: The Role of Blogging and Micro Blogging in Opening Students’ Horizons (2012) 20 Journal of the Australasian Law Teachers Association 177-188.

Paula Gerber & Melissa Castan Practice Meets Theory: Using Moots as a Tool to Teach Human Rights Law (2012) 62(2) Journal of Legal Education 298-310.

Melissa Castan & Becky Batagol Citations Sources and References: Through the Quagmire of Legal Footnoting (2012) 37(1) Alternative Law Journal 50.

Melissa Castan & Jeanie Paterson From Supergirl to Invisible Woman: The Divide between Student Perception and Professional Reality in Corporate Legal Practice  (2010) 35 (3) Alternative Law Journal, 138.

Melissa Castan, Jeannie Marie Paterson , Paul Richardson, Helen Watt, Maryanne Dever Early Optimism? First-Year Law Students’ Work Expectations and Aspirations (2010) Legal Education Review.

Margaret Stephenson, Bradford W. Morse, Lindsey Robertson, Melissa Castan, David Yarrow, Ruth Thompson International and Comparative Indigenous Rights via Videoconferencing (2009) Legal Education Review 238.

Melissa Castan and Jenny Schultz, Teaching Native Title (1997) 8(1) Legal Education Review 75


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